The Magic Of Korean Facelift In Wonjin Plastic Surgery - 28/01/2015, 09:44 WIB
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South Korea is so famous with its plastic surgery’s magic. Almost in every corner you can find plastic surgery clinics. And one of the best clinics based on the foreign patients’ review is Wonjin Plastic Surgery (+pembedahan plastic wonjin). As everybody has already known, plastic surgery can transform someone to be so pretty or handsome. They said that their life changed much after doing plastic surgery. They become happier, younger, and more attractive. Ever wonder how and what plastic surgery actually does? Among various type of plastic surgery from the top of your head through the bottom of your feet, there is of the most popular anti-aging cosmetic surgeries, i.e facelift. If you are considering getting a facelift in Korea, read on!

Facelift in Wonjin Plastic Surgery (+pembedahan plastic wonjin) is appropriate for middle-aged men and women who suffer from the signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging and loose skin. This procedure will make someone look years younger in just about 30 minutes!

Facelift does not always involve thread or incision. If using thread, it is called thread lifting. Depends on the types of thread which is used to lift the face, there is v-lift, mesh lift, fine thread lift, also endotine. V-lift uses special medical thread that has 2-3 times more wrapping than regular thread. Mesh lift procedures includes inserting mesh, an elastic net-like material into face. Fine thread lift uses a PDO dissolvable thread approved by FDA to be inserted into the skin layer. And endotine facelift surgery involves using a bioabsorbable implant which is fixated within skin layer and tightened up to the desired location.

If you are afraid of knife, don’t worry Wonjin Plastic Surgery (+pembedahan plastic wonjin) also has laser lift and accusculpt. Laser lift is a facelift procedure using a safety approved lasers. And accusculpt laser is a procedure that dissolves fat tissue in face and also stimulate collagen production for a tightening anti aging effect.

Of course the last but not least, the incisional face lifting. Tiny incision is made on front ear for about 1 cm and then the doctor will separate and remove targeted SMAS layer (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) and fix the SMAS layer on temporal region and pull it. The result is a tighter and younger face.

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